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Using the Online Exhibit

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"Mount Holyoke Votes" was originally created as a physical exhibit; the online version has been designed to best simulate the experience of viewing each actual case. Each page offers a brief summary of the case's theme, which introduces materials and contextualizes the period of history in which student activism occured. To learn more about each individual object, click on the images embedded in the text (or, in some cases, the object title) to access object descriptions. Multiple-page documents have been provided in full as PDFs; text-based documents have been provided as searchable PDFs.


The "Mount Holyoke Votes" team is committed to accessibility. All photographs have alternate text in their image description, and relevant passages from handwritten student letters have already been transcribed. Archives student assistants are in the process of fully transcribing handwritten materials to provide an extensive transcript. Transcripts will be continuously added to the exhibit as they are completed. We welcome your feedback on how we can improve the online exhibit's accessibility!

Website curated by Gabrielle Spano '21 and Ellie Norman '20.

Using the Online Exhibit