Ossie Davis at Civil Rights Conference, February 12, 1965


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Ossie Davis at Civil Rights Conference, February 12, 1965


Actor-playwright Ossie Davis is shown speaking at the Civil Rights Conference in Mount Holyoke’s Chapin Auditorium. Political activists Malcolm X and Michael Harrington were scheduled to speak but did not arrive in time due to travel issues. Instead, Davis gave both of their speeches in addition to his own. One of the Amherst student organizers, Junius Williams, described the conference overall as “an incredible success.”

Image Description: A man in a suit stands at an ornate podium on the stage of Chapin Auditorium. He smiles down at the crowd of students in their rows of chairs. Behind him to the left sits another suit-clad man in a high-backed chair. He wears glasses and clasps his hands in his lap, looking into the distance. To the right of the podium sits another high-backed chair. A folding table with microphones and a pitcher of water sits ready for panelists.


February 12, 1965