Beginnings on Campus

Carol E. Craig. 

Annual Health Services Report 1972-1973

In this letter presented to the board of trustees as well as President Truman, director of the health service (Carol Craig) expresses concern about the college providing contraception to the students at Mount Holyoke College. Craig advises that it is unnecessary due to cost and risk (relating to potential legal ramifications) to provide a contraception clinic or a gynecologist. Craig in this report requests that if the college should decide not to provide contraception that it be announced to the students as a decision made by the “Health Service, the College President and the Trustees.”

Such a letter demonstrates the unease felt by the College surrounding the distribution of birth control due to potential legal difficulties, parental issues, and future protests that could arise from students unhappy with the decision of the college not to provide contraception clinics. Craig in a later report expresses surprise at the lack of pressure and criticism from students and other area womens’ liberation groups.

By Mae Humphreville '19