Winter 1901, "My precious little sister - I had written so far"

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Winter 1901, "My precious little sister - I had written so far"




Woolley speaks of her weekend activities and how her love for Marks has deepened


Mary Woolley


January 4 & 6 1901





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Mount Holyoke College
South Hadley
Friday evening - 9.15

My precious little Sister - I had
written so far when I had to
stop - for what, do you think?
To eat a “Welsh Rabbit” which a
Dartmouth man has just sent up to
me! He is visiting his sister and
they are having a small chafing-
dish party in the dining-room.
I met him last year at Welles-
ley so we are quite [ink stain] old friends
(please excuse - I do not know
as how it came!)
and have had a very pleasant hour
around my open fire-
Dearest, I expect to see you tomorrow
morning - but am writing in case it
storms too hard for me to go, to Boston.
I am rather tired and must get
up early, so this is simply a word of
love. I am anxious about your
cough or cold, to be more exact - and
hope that I may see you tomorrow to
judge for myself. Mine is better, I
think, but it has been a hard
pull this week on account of it.
I enclose this note from Clara
Comstock to show you what my
friends say about you behind your
back - you could not return it.
All love for my Dearest,
Your own May.
Mt. Holyoke College 1
South Hadley
Sunday morning -
Dearest, it is just after breakfast and before
I begin to dress for church I wish to
have a little talk for with my Darling - It shall
not be such a “scrappy” one today - I shall
try other days to have it more than the
page or two which the busy days this last
week have made necessary.
I have been reading your Sunday letter
my Darling - oh! my Love, there has been an
ache in my heart ever since I left you
last night - I love you so deeply, so
tenderly my precious Sister - Do you know it,
do you realize what you are to me, my
dearest, dearest friend, my sister - my love,
whom I trust with my whole heart, to whom
I have given my whole love - who holds the
very [?] place of my heart, with the precious
little home circle - whom I love beyond my words
to express? My Darling - My Darling - it almost
broke my heart to leave you last night - I
longed to take you into my arms, to kiss
away the tears, to hold you close to me and
tell you fast, I love you as I never dream-
ed that I should love, with my whole heart
and Soul. My Love, if anything should happen
to you, it would take the very heart out of
me - Dearest, do be careful, for my sake, my
own, precious Jean - My heart is crying out for
you this morning. I want you, I want you,
oh my Darling - Do you not know that
people and things here are a part of my
work which I wish to do, faithfully and
as well as I can, with God’s help and the
love of [you crossed out] my own little Sister and my dear
mother and father. That is my stronghold -
I depend upon you so, Dearest! But my work
is one thing - I am interested in it - I intend
to put myself into it - but it is not
myself. You are that - my very heart -
my Love - I love you as I never dreamed
that I could love! I knew that such
love existed - but no friend had ever before
come into my life as you have come into
it - Every day this love becomes a deeper ex- 2
perience - Your love for me is wonderful -
I feel that I am not worthy of it - I
wonder why this great gift has come
into my life. I think that I feel its
preciousness more every day - and realize
how few people in this wide world are
so rich as to have such a love, such
a lover - David said of Jonathan - “Thy love
to me was wonderful, passing the love of
women” - Dear Heart - Thy love to me is
wonderful, passing the love of men - I can
imagine no greater happiness than to be
loved as you love me and to give in
return, the love of my whole heart and
life - without reserve - God bless you and
keep you, my precious but, my Sister, my own
12.20 P.M.
I am home from church, Communion service
and a very impressive one - but oh! my
Darling - such a wave of loneliness as is
sweeping over me today! I feel so apart
from all that is dearest to me in this
world - I can hardly keep back the tears
and yet I must smile and keep a brave
front to the world, this little world, which
I can feel, is watching every mood. Darling
I know that you wish me to tell you
everything - so does the dear little mamma,
but it would make her sick with anxiety
should she know just how I feel - Your
face and hers kept coming before me in
church this morning - Darling, do not think
me weak if I say that I wondered
whether, after all, I had made a mistake
in not going to Providence - whether the
smaller opportunity was not the one to take
since it would have meant being nearer
home. I shall not breathe this to any
one else - “He that putteth his hands to
the plough----------” but I must talk
with you, Darling, for this morning life
seems so short and the only thing possible
to real happiness, to be with the ones who
are dearest. Do say a word of comfort, 3
Dearest, that you think that I am
doing the work which God would
have me do, that I can, in this way, bring
as great happiness to my little mother
as if I had chosen otherwise. I
think of her, because I know that my
father is really happier in having me
here than at Brown, although he would
like to have me near home-
2 P.M.
Dinner is over and the girls are
chatting and laughing in the parlors
and halls. Everyone seems happy and I
am too, although my heart is in Boston
and Pawtucket - You could hardly call
it a half-hearted happiness, could you,
since my whole heart is with my dear
ones? Dearest, I, too, will be brave
Some time I shall have my little Sister
with me - and then all the work and
responsibility will be easier. But, my Darling,
I wish you to realize that I am
not short-sighted and I would not have
you do for me this year what you would
request, a little later. I hope that we
have many years of life and work
before us - and we must act on that
presumption - May God guide us to a
wise and right decision now.
Now My Sweet-heart, I will write to
mamma for a time and then put on
my blue wrapper and blue slippers
and lie down. Two girls came in after
dinner for a few minutes - Then I
closed my door for Sunday afternoon I
shall try to keep entirely to myself--
as I did at Wellesley - How happy I
shall be when that “entirely” can
mean what it did at Wellesley last
year! Do you remember that yesterday
was the anniversary of the night when
you realized that I needed you and
that you might love me as much as
you would? Just one year ago that
you came in to find me ill and wanting
you, so that your hard heart melted!
10.15 P.M.
Goodnight, my Darling, I am
feeling better - The day has done
me good and I am sure that
God will care for us and guide
us. May He bless you, my precious
Your own May



Mary Woolley, “Winter 1901, "My precious little sister - I had written so far",” Digital Exhibits of the Archives and Special Collections, accessed November 14, 2018,

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