Winter 1941, "These are hard days for you as well as for me"

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Winter 1941, "These are hard days for you as well as for me"


Mount Holyoke College
Women's Rights


Marks speaks of the need for "Constitutional Equality" for women and campus climate


Jeannette Marks


February 1 1941





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The Gables
South Hadley, Mass.
February 1, 1941
May dearest,
These are hard days for you as
well as for me, and I am reluctant
to add to the burden of dreary
thought you must carry. But it is
best for you to hear, [while you are away inserted above], that a man
has been appointed Director of the Laboratory
Theatre…..I have been completely
isolated by Mr. Ham and Charlotte
D’Evelyn as this “deal” has been
put through. Word reached me on
Friday through Ethel who is on
the “Hire and Fire” Committee.
I was lecturing in Hartford Thursday
afternoon, and was [?] tired when
Harriet and I got back to the Gables.
Ethel very considerately said nothing
until the next morning. She was
back on [?] nervously by it all
…..This began three years ago as
far as Mr. Ham is concerned, two
years ago -- last year -- Charlotte D’Evelyn
began her “contempt” proceeding……
This kind of thing will be done to women,
is being done to them every day,
until the 1000 laws and more which stand in the books against
the possibility of a woman having
rights equal to a man’s are cancelled by the amendment
which would give women Constitutional Equality. Both Ethel
and Elizabeth Adams stood out hardy and clearly in
the Constitution for what is right. It would be a comfort to
me now, and I should hear fewer hours of the nights strike,
if you who no longer believe in special legislation for
women as a substitute for Constitutional Equality, would
come out definitely for the amendment. You could do so
much and some of us can do so little.
Your loving Jeannette



Jeannette Marks, “Winter 1941, "These are hard days for you as well as for me",” Digital Exhibits of the Archives and Special Collections, accessed June 1, 2020,

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