Spring 1902, "Dearest Peddy: So that you may promptly collapse I'll tell you that 'Piglet' has been returned by the Atlantic"

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Spring 1902, "Dearest Peddy: So that you may promptly collapse I'll tell you that 'Piglet' has been returned by the Atlantic"




Marks speaks of travel plans, missing Woolley, being worn down by being apart, wanting a home of their own. Typed list of letters for Woolley received. Attached letter from Mary W. Kimball about hotel arrangements


Jeannette Marks, Mary W. Kimball


May 8 1902





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Mount Holyoke College,
South Hadley, Mass.

Department of English Literature.

May 8, 1902
Dearest Peddy: [??]
So that you may promptly
collapse I’ll tell you that
“Piglet” [??] has been returned [??] by the
Atlantic. Don’t be discouraged,
I’m not entirely so!
The Enclosed letter explains itself.
I have written Mrs. Kimbee [??] to have
a carriage to meet you at 6.05
A.m. I will get there Saturday
evening between nine and ten
o’clock. I don’t know how well
I shall sleep for waiting for you.
I wish three o’clock
instead of six o’clock! That’s
selfish, Mary [?? Mum?]
I have terms they keep this [?]
[?] not so they [?????] I’ve
had time to be pretty blue. It
will restore my self confidence
to have you come back. I suppose
I have no light to think [??] of my self
and see [????]! [???]
luck has givings [??] about my wakefulness [??]
and [?]. I think a couple
of years more of this life will Kill
all that’s warm [?] and sensitive
there is in me. Dearest, can’t
we have a home?
I have a stay to make on [??]
Sunday which is to cost me
from [?] of [?] And to
be returned four times [??] And then
die a nat’ral death.
Goodnight, Belovèd and Best,
Nobody’s better I’m sure and no-
body could be more beloved. Dearest,
you gentle [??] fill [?? feel?] like [??] my life, my
thoughts, my heart, my Everything,
Your very own Jean.

Letters Received.

Miss Ethel Osgood, Cleveland, Ohio,- Regarding
Miss Woolley’s western visit. May 6th.
Springfield Advertising Agency,- Soliciting
patronage. May 7th.
Thomas S. Fisk, Sec’y, College Entrance Examin-
ation Board. Notice of Semi-annual meeting.
Miss Bertha Lowell, Hartford, Conn.,- For re-
turn of testimonials, etc. May 7th.
Rev. Edward Anderson,- Regarding music for
choir Memorial Day. May 7th.
“The Evening Bulletin”, Philadelphia, solicit-
ing advertisement. May 7th.
Miss Florence Hutcheson, Mass. Homeopathic Hos-
pital, Boston,- For information of Miss
Mary Kendrick’s character. ( Answered by
Miss Greene.)
Mrs George Hills, Desplanes, Ill.,- For daugh-
ter’s admission to Mount Holyoke. ( Answered
by Miss Greene.)
Rev. Brainard Thrall, Pepperell, Mass.,- Re-
garding daughter’s application for admission
and accommodations. ( Answered by Miss G.)
A request for Examination papers in Greek.
( Papers forwarded.)
Several requests for catalogues.
Miss Sarah E. Smith, University of Chicago,-
Regarding Miss Mary Trueblood whose name
was suggested by Prof. Beman. Is trying
for an appointment in Simmons College.
( Referred to Miss
Notice of meeting of Springfield College Club
on May 10th.
Miss Laura A. Knatt, Bradford Academy,- For
assistant principal and teacher of English.
( Referred to Miss Purington.) May 8th
Mr. Geo R. Pinkham, Head Master, Searles H. S-
Great Barrington, Mass.,- Acknowledging let-
ter regarding Miss Osborne.
Hope Davis, Providence, R.I.,- Concerning pay-
ing one’s expenses while at College.
May 8th.

The Worthy
Springfield, Mass.
May 7, 1902.

Miss Henrietta A. Marks,
Mt. Holyoke College,
South Hadley, Mass.

My dear Miss Marks:-
In answer to your favor of this date,
would say, that we would be pleased to re-
serve room for Miss Wooley [sic] and yourself for
Saturday and Sunday nights, in a quiet part of
our house. And, while we have no porter who
could meet you at the train, we have a reliable
carriage man who would meet Miss Wooley with
If this is satisfactory, and we hear
from you to that effect, the writer will per-
sonally see that you are well taken care of.
Very respectfully,
Mary W. Kimball




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