Fall 1944, "May dear, you are in my thoughts all the time."

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Fall 1944, "May dear, you are in my thoughts all the time."




Marks speaks of the Twentieth Century Club, giving a talk, and the cause of women's suffrage


Jeannette Marks


October 10 1944





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Hotel Slater [??], Buffalo, Tuesday, Oct. 10

May dear, you are in my thoughts all the
time, Last night I worked like a Stevedore
not only for our Cause but also for you and
Hattie [Harriet Newhall]. The dinner meeting of the BPW was [Business and Professional Women’s Foundation] at the Twentieth Century Club in a beautiful [??]
spacious dining room surrounded with
long windows and lighted by “Kind” [??] light,
Before the talk I was a bit nervous, for
I had had so little chance to prepare,
nor had the afternoon at the radio station
helped me much! But that’s author
stay and a long one [?] must wait to
be told until I get home….Suffice
it to say that the BPW dinner talk
went well and that it made some
[?] currents [??] in that big dining room.
To place others in living contact with
those great lives of some of the suffrage
leaders and others equally great but less
known works like magic. I know
Susan B. Anthony, for example, is [?]
no thee [??]....Tell Mrs. McKenzie, please,
that the women’s pharmacist group is
very strong in Buffalo and that they, as
a strong unit, are solidly behind us.
Tell Mrs. Roberts, please, that she will
add another [?] to that Methodist-
Episcopal repertoire of hers. [?] the
hear the song of the radio better,
and she’ll get a laugh out of it, too.
…….And now goodbye, darlings, I must
get on to my packing and the next ap-
pointment this morn in Lockport. Then
the home to depeclose [??]. Be thinking of
me honestly [??] Emy. and [?]
Thursday morn and afternoon. Dr
Marguerite Fisher’s group has been
changed to the afternoon at 3.30. So that [?] work un
till I catch the 5.14 train for home, I have a hard
row to Noe [??]....I feel a little better this morning,-
sheer relief, I guess, that one day at least is over….
I meant to suggest [????] to give a little mineral oil
& I can’t recall whether I did not I’ve [?] keep
Your loving Jeannette




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