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Catherine Margaret Henderson photographed her room from two different perspectives.This photograph shows the other half of her dorm room, which has a chair, table, and desk with many photographs on it.

"Attic Peace," Jeannette Marks' personal study in the President's House, taken by Katherine McClellan
Women hoeing field

L. Feder and C. Henderson lived in this room during their freshman year. In the room there is a bed with pillows, a desk, chair, and heater.
Drawing of chicks hatching from eggs

Three students dressed nicely stand outside.

"Yale Professor Elected Mt. Holyoke President" news article from the Holyoke Daily Transcript and Telegram

Civil Actions Case 3.jpg
This article describes the Civil Actions Group’s Election Day initiatives in Springfield, as well as their long-term goals. Members of the group planned to raise “poll tax” money and babysit for voters—direct action that would impact the…

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The Political Equality Series (alternatively Political Equality Leaflets) were single-page tracts published by the National American Woman Suffrage Association (NAWSA) for public education on the topic of women’s suffrage. The tracts were often…

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On July 27, 1919, prominent Massachusetts women, including Mount Holyoke President Mary Woolley, were published in the Boston Globe feature “Sister is Primping for the Ballot Box Party” to explain what they thought would happen when women secured…

Marietta Holley (1836-1926) was an American author well-known for her humorous depiction of political and social movements, including women’s rights. She often wrote under pen names including “Josiah Allen’s Wife,” but for this particular…
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