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The class of 1897’s yearbook includes a record of events from March 1896 to February 1897. The pages for October and November chronicle the various events that occurred during the mock election for the “suffrage question,” which was introduced…
Exterior of white house with attached garage

Kewpie Doll in 1917 costume stands outside a building on campus.
Exterior of white house with screened-in porch
Exterior of house with symmetrical trees and shrubbery
Exterior of large house with tree and hedges
Exterior of large house

Interior of Rockefeller Hall, includes table in the center with photographs, notebooks, and table with tea set. L. Feder and C. Henderson lived in this room during the 1915-1916 school year.
Exterior of small white house
Three woman standing in a line with a man on each end
Exterior of large house on hill with balcony
Exterior of house with bike in entrance
Exterior side view of stone house
Exterior close up of stone house
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