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My College Years: A Snapshot of the Class of 1917

Start of Term: Remembering the Class of 1917

In 1913, the Class of 1917 arrived in South Hadley to begin their College years. Among this class of green griffins were two young women named Hortense Hubbard and Ruth Parker. In this exhibit you willl learn more about their experiences through some of their letters (and even meet the class mascot).

In addition to her letters Hortense Hubbard also collected her memories in an album, "My College Years." Memory books like Hubbard's were commerically available for the college women attending Smith, Wellesley and Mount Holyoke to document their experiences.

We hope that as you start term that you will also collect memories and resources that we will help you remember the first days on campus and prepare you for the semester and the semesters to come as you decide how you will spend your years at Mount Holyoke.