LGBTQ Item 12

Poster for True Colors/SYSTA National Coming Out Week party, October 13th, 2000

In November of 1999, the Lesbian Bisexual Transgender Alliance merged with Slip of the Tongue and Spectrum to form True Colors. True Colors' initial membership was between 70-80 people. The Mount Holyoke News article mentioned that SYSTA, the closed space for LBTQ women of color, opted to remain separate. According to an org directory from 2001-02, SYSTA was "a CONFIDENTIAL group" created in 1994-95 for lesbian, bisexual, transgender, and questioning women of color. It was an informal support group that "served many different needs of members." SYSTA met in a confidential place known only to its members. SYSTA did not merge with the other orgs for numerous reasons, including the racism in primarily white organizations and the need for a closed space for women of color. The orgs did host events together in the following years. For example, in October 13th, 2000, SYSTA and True Colors hosted a "coming out week" party in the Marks House.